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"Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE:HWP) today announced that it will begin advising customers to transition from HP e3000 servers to other HP server platforms over the next five years." - Hewlett Packard Press Release, November 14, 2001

On November 14, 2001, the IT world changed dramatically for everyone using the HP e3000, MPE/iX and TurboIMAGE.  Whether it wants to or not, each organization with at least one HP e3000 is embarking on a transition, a transition that will make or break careers, and a transition that if handled poorly could bring down the organization.  Each organization must now make the business critical IT decision how to transition to the future.

You have four choices to consider for a transition strategy: to "build", to "buy" (replace), to "migrate" (port) or to "stay"  (homestead).  Following HP's announcement canceling the HP e3000, we examined all the transition platform alternatives. We came to the conclusion that for those considering a transition off the HP e3000 to another platform (whether "build", "buy" or "port") the iSeries from IBM is the best alternative. The iSeries is simply the only system that is like the HP e3000 in all the ways that matter to a business and yet goes well beyond anything the HP e3000 could ever do.

We continue to maintain our HP e3000 focused web site. We fully intend to continue to support MPE/iX, TurboIMAGE and HP e3000 users for as long as there are any left. We intend to keep our HP e3000 running doing useful work until the wheels come off either it or us. [Hint: Our money is on the HP e3000.] We intend to continue advising clients on the whole gamut of the “Build, Buy, Port or Stay” decision. However, for those who believe they need to make a platform change either now or in the future, we are saying the iSeries from IBM is the best alternative. Therefore, we have now added a site devoted to familiarizing HP e3000 users with the advantages of the IBM iSeries as a transition platform. We will be continually adding content to it. Stop back frequently.


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